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By Madison Hartman
September 20, 2015

Welcome back to Week in Review. Each Sunday we bring you the highlights of the weekend in college football. No, not the game highlights— but the best of what happened before kickoff, after the final whistle and everywhere in between. We're three weeks in and finally getting into more conference play which means great rivalries, bigger tailgates and a lot of weird fans.

The Cardale Jones Twitter Saga

After Jones was benched in the middle of the Ohio State game, fans noticed the Buckeye quarterback had changed his Twitter bio.

Which he then denied.

Nice try, Jones. But we have the proof. So, what gives?

No Rest For The 2016 Presidential Campaign

Even on College Football Saturday, those pesky candidates seem to always make their way into the storyline. Okay, to be fair, none of them are actually here. STILL. Their presence was felt.

Will Myles be a write-in candidate? We're not sure he meets the qualifications, being a 19-year-old and all.

If Hillary > Ole Miss and Ole Miss > Alabama... what does it all mean?!

Mr. Nuts supporters are everywhere, or at least at fraternities everywhere.

No Mistaking This Formation

After the Kansas State band was accused of a less than appropriate formation a few weeks ago involving the Kansas Jayhawk, they made sure to stick to clear and inoffensive drills this week.

A Man Possessed

The only explanation for the way the ball flies from Auburn quarterback, Jeremy Johnson's hands is that a ghost was on the field. It's not quite time for Halloween tricks, though.

College Football Players Are Just Like Us

Across the country athletes pretend they can dance/sing/rap along to the likes of Fetty Wap and Drake, just like us, only somehow less embarrassing.

Drake, is that you?

BONUS: Mascots can get down too

Best Tailgates

We hope there isn't any kind of emergency during the game, because apparently fans have stolen first responder's vehicles for their tailgates.

Ohhh, so that's where school buses go on the weekends.

Scooby Doo, where are you? In Minnesota, apparently.

Best Impression of an NFL player

How many times do we have to watch football players get injured during celebrations before they learn!?

The Future of Mascots

WHERE is the footage Uga recorded? We need it.

Fans of The Week

As usual, we never said they were the best fans of the week. You can decide that for yourself.

And they say overalls aren't manly.

Can't say we'd pick this guy in a fight vs. Batman... or even Robin.

Celebrity Fan of the Week goes to...

We'll keep these guys in mind for the next Swimsuit issue casting call.

Saddest Fan of the Week (aka everybody makes mistakes)

Furry Fan of the Week


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