By Campus rush staff
September 26, 2015

Welcome to the Campus Rush Social Wall. All day we'll be updating you on the best of what's going on in college football - not on the field, but all around it. We're bringing you an inside look at tailgates, pre-game rituals, student sections, mascots and more.

The scoreboard can do amazing things

Here's another way to sum up the Ducks' feelings tonight

Bring it, Sun Devils

One of college football's best traditions

Gig 'Em!

Keep doing you, Northwestern

Who said College Gameday has the best signs?

This guy obviously doesn't know how to make friends


Bear Down, Arizona!

Uh oh...

This Haka war dance is awesome


Meanwhile, somebody needs to give Mike Gundy some dance lessons

Who does "give a damn" for the state of Michigan?

Texas may have lost, but Matthew McConaughey showed up #SilverLinings

Another comeback for the ages!

This guy disagrees...

Jump Around!

Feel good moment of the day

Auburn isn't messing around

Forget a gym membership, just go to Notre Dame football games

Alabama now gets excited over a FG #Struggles

It's going to be a cat fight in Lexington

Ohio State Marching Band = Wizards

Swoopes, There It Is


He's Such A Big Fan He's Practically Burnt Orange

Baylor From Above

Malone with the Flip Phone

Odell, is that you?

Runner Up for Famous Guest of the Day

We're Transferring to Minnesota

That's Dedication


No. 1 Is Up & At 'Em

Oregon Goes Green (Apple)

It's Been A Big Week For Darboh

The MVP of Famous Guests

College GameDay's Best

Florida REALLY Misses Tebow

Can We Hitch A Ride?

Syracuse Draws A Crowd... of (mostly) LSU Fans

We <3 Mascots

Pregame Around The World (or around CBF at least)

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