By Madison Hartman
September 27, 2015

Welcome back to Week in Review. Each Sunday we bring you the highlights of the weekend in college football. No, not the game highlights— but the best of what happened before kickoff, after the final whistle and everywhere in between. We're more than a quarter of the way through the season now, and things are as up-in-the-air as they were in the preseason.

Famous Guest Appearances

This week some of the biggest names in basketball, baseball and Hollywood showed up at games around the country.

That height difference, though.

Matt is clearly working on his #dadbod.

Not to be outdone, Houston had their own dynamic duo of VIPs.

Jeter must have wanted to escape New York before the Mets celebration began.

Karl Malone not only has a flip phone but... what are those dance moves?! Are you okay, Karl?


Harrison Barnes looks a little out of practice holding a basketball.

Fine. MJ wasn't actually at the Oregon game but, this work of art is too good to ignore.

Most Hypnotizing College Band Sequence, Ever

They've Got Moves

That feeling when you're 4-0.

How did they not win after this? (Sorry, Bears)


A for effort, Gundy.

Catch of the Day You Won't See On SportsCenter

Is This Available on Uber?

When Football Is About More Than Football


Congratulations on your US Citizenship, Darboh.


We Love Mascots

But, we're not sure this one seems quite as cuddly as Georgia's Uga.


The Gamecock gang is all here.

Boston College's Baldwin getting the respect he deserves... as a tailgate garnish.

Best Non-GameDay Signs

Florida still REALLY misses Tebow.

We think Malik would be better suited for Secretary of Defense.


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