Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Auburn's mascot had an interesting way of celebrating Auburn's win over San Jose State.

By Nick Forrester
October 03, 2015

Auburn defeated San Jose State 35-21 Saturday. It's been a rough start to the season for the Tigers, so Aubie the Tiger wanted to enjoy the feeling of victory. Literally.

Aubie was suppose to be a piñata, which is why he was getting hit with a stick and then throwing treats into the stands. But that wasn't the only interesting moment from Auburn's mascot. Earlier in the game, Aubie, who was wearing quite the colorful outfit for some unknown reason, gave Northwestern players a run for their money as "the best dancers in college football" by dancing along with the Auburn band.

So, enjoy the win, Aubie. The Tigers travel to Kentucky next week, who is off to a surprisingly strong start themselves.

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