By Madison Hartman
October 04, 2015

Welcome back to Week in Review. Each Sunday we bring you the highlights of the weekend in college football. No, not the game highlights— but the best of what happened before kickoff, after the final whistle and everywhere in between. Week 5 brought us weather advisories - both real and fake, NSFW mascots and some post-game hip thrusts.

Weather Advisories

While there was an actual weather advisory on the East Coast, Iowa State was preparing for their own Hurricane of sorts.

Clemson fans were taking the necessary precautions as South Carolina got smacked by the storm. Safety first, Tigers.

Tailgates of the Week

What is it with tailgates and fire trucks?

Excuse me sir, did you steal a hearse?

This week's installment of "Taking the rivalry one step too far" is brought to you by Mizzou fans.

$10 says the owner of this van also surfs and/or lives in it down by the river.

Iowa State's placeholder loves PATs more than you

The best part is, there's more where that came from.

Ohio State's Long Standing Odell Beckham Jr. Obsession Continues

Seriously, the Buckeyes must spend an hour of practice on this every day.


And the most boring job in college athletics goes to….

Crop Tops: They're not for everyone.

HBD Campanile! You don't look a day over 70.

*Does double-take* yep, that's a Chucky doll.

Homecoming sure has changed since we were in college.

This Week in Marching Band Tricks

It's Hard Out Here For Longhorn Fans

Mascots of the Week

Aubie the Pinata is kind of #NSFW.

Brutus, that's not good for your brain cells.

Best Post-Game Celebrations

Dang, Sunshine's got moves. In fact, Northwestern has been KILLING it this season when it comes to post-game dances.


The Aggies fight song is kind of violent??

Iowa State VERY excited about beating Kansas.

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