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LSU's student government welcomed South Carolina fans with dogs at a tailgate.

By Nick Forrester
October 10, 2015

Saturday's matchup between South Carolina and LSU got moved from Columbia to Baton Rouge due to flooding in South Carolina, and LSU has been extremely hospitable to its guests. Among other things to make South Carolina fans feel at home, the LSU student government put on a tailgate for South Carolina students, with all sorts of entertainment and food.

And dogs.

I believe it's spelled "USC" since this is, after all, a "home game" for South Carolina.

LSU wins the award for "sportsmanship of the year" after this.

Meanwhile, this Gamecock fan echoes all of South Carolina in his feelings about LSU fans and their genorosity.

But if dogs aren't man's best friend, than tailgating food definitely is.

And it's not just the LSU fans that are showing great sportsmanship. When the Gamecock football team arrived to Baton Rouge on Friday, they were greeted with a barbecue lunch.

Before kickoff, Tiger Stadium played the Gamecocks' intro, and as South Carolina took the field, had cheers from both team's fans. Can you say, S-E-C!

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