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Monday's Campus Clicks: Unbelievable finish to Michigan-Michigan State

By Andrew Doughty
October 19, 2015

Utter Disbelief

Yes, there were many other fantastic college football games in Week 7 but we witnessed something at Michigan Stadium on Saturday evening that you only see once every decade, if that often. The mind-blowing Michigan State victory is a moment that every college football fan will remember forever. The outcome even prompted Michigan athletic director Jim Hackett to issue a letter to all fans basically asking them to be respectful and mature.

Zach Braziller of the New York Post wonders if the "Miracle at Michigan" will become the greatest college football play ever and a Cincinnati apparel company already created t-shirts mocking the Wolverines. And a local news station got lazy, didn't watch the end of the game and reported that the Wolverines won


South Carolina interim head coach Shawn Elliott was a wee bit fired up before the Gamecocks took the field against Vanderbilt.

This is so awesome:


Runnin' on Fumes

Idaho showed up for their 12:30 p.m. game against Troy at 9:00 a.m. after mechanical issues delayed their flight several hours, meaning they had a whopping three and a half hours to get off the plane and prepare for a football game. And they somehow managed to win that game.

Please Stop

Unsurprisingly, Michigan punter Blake O'Neill's Twitter account was flooded with hate messages after his botched punt cost the Wolverines the game.

Boise State kicker Kyle Brotzman can relate to O'Neill. Five years ago, he missed two easy field goals in the Broncos' loss to Nevada, ruining their chance at both a BCS bowl game and possible national title game shot. He told O'Neill to prepare for a "dark, dark, low place" and the horrific feeling will never go away.

Another Flop

Any 2015 college football recap video should include a brief montage of the hilarious injury flops. Texas Tech DB Nigel Bethel can be added to that video after this embarrassing flop during their close win over Kansas.

Well, That's New

College GameDay picked a location for October 24th that might surprise some.

Le'Veon Celebrates

Former Michigan State running back Le'Veon Bell was among many former players that celebrated the Spartans' miraculous win:


Fallon and Timberlake

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake celebrated Memphis' win over Ole Miss during Timberlake's induction into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame on Saturday night:

Utes Are 6-0


Odds and Ends

These Colorado State students started a side business making insane beer pong tables ... Apparently Tom Cruise had never attended a college football game until this weekend ... College students: Here are 12 jobs where you play all day ... Was Steve Spurrier on ESPN this weekend to audition for a job? ... ... This is so cool: Uber is working on streaming college football games in their cars ... Furious Michigan fan flips off cameras before ESPN can pan away ... Sean Payton and Chip Kelly have "some interest" in USC opening ... USC somehow opens as a three-point favorite over undefeated Utah ... Ohio State was called for holding against Penn State for the first time in a Big Ten game since 2013 ... Would you sacrifice your pinky finger to pay off student loans?

Who Called This In?

Utah return man Britain Covey threw an illegal forward pass while still in the end zone, thus resulting in a safety. Here's one of the most odd botched plays you'll ever see:


Antonio Williams

Ohio State picked up a huge recruit on Sunday morning after four-star running back Antonio Williams pledged his services to the Buckeyes. Here is what OSU fans can look forward to:

Remember the Good Times

Saturday's stunning loss hurt badly for Michigan folks but let's remember there have been a lot of incredible moments in Michigan Stadium history, too:

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