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The Big 12 is concerned with Ted Cruz’s campaign logo. 

By SI Wire
November 28, 2015

The Big 12 conference has expressed concern over a logo used by Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, reports USA TODAY. 

Cruz is using multiple logos with designs and color schemes styled similarly to the logos used by the Big 12 and SEC. Cruz’s fellow Republican candidate Jeb Bush faced a similar problem earlier this year, when his logo resembled the SEC’s. The conference negotiated with Bush to modify the logo.

Cruz’s logo was designed to be use as a Snapchat filter during seven college football games featuring Big 12 and SEC teams Saturday. It also also being used on merchandise sold on the candidate’s website. A Big 12 spokesman told USA TODAY the conference’s legal counsel sent a letter to Cruz about the logo, saying it could cause serious legal concerns for the conference. 

The logo could imply an endorsement of Cruz, which the conference is legally prohibited from doing due to its non-profit charter. 

Ted Cruz campaign via USA TODAY

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