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University of Oklahoma president David Boren said the Big 12 will decide this summer on the possibility of expansion.

By SI Wire
February 17, 2016

University of Oklahoma president David Boren said the Big 12 will decide this summer on the possibility of expansion, reports The Oklahoman’s Berry Tramel.

“We’ve sort of said to ourselves, come this summer, we’re going to have to finally make a decision about what we do,” Boren said. “We cannot indefinitely postpone decisions.”

Cincinnati, BYU, Connecticut, Central Florida and Boise State are rumored to be in the mix for Big 12 candidacy.

Boren added that other initiatives, including a football championship game and a conference network, will also likely be decided upon this summer. The decision, Boren says, will be determined by quantifiable data.

“I think people are being very sincere about trying to look at the figures and the facts,” Boren said. “Not be emotional about it or ‘I want this school’ or ‘I want that.’

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“Well, what are their academics? What’s their research base? How well do they fit our academic profile? How well do they fit our fan base profile? How many dollars in their market do they bring to the table? We’re looking at all that. In terms of the network and those dollars, we’re looking with our TV consultants to tell us.”

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