Will the Big 12 choose to expand? If so, which schools are its best options? Andy Staples helps break down the candidates.

By Zac Ellis and Lindsay Schnell
May 11, 2016

It's the storyline that won't seem to go away. Will the Big 12 opt to expand? Does expansion make sense? And if so, which schools are the conference's best options? There are plenty of unanswered questions regarding the Big 12's possible expansion plans. Andy Staples offers up what he's hearing.

Andy joins host Zac Ellis and Lindsay Schnell on the SI College Football Podcast to break down some candidates for Big 12 expansion and whether the conference is doomed to break up in the next round of conference realignment. They also discuss what rule changes are necessary to make satellite camps fair and why Texas A&M assistant coach Aaron Moorehead’s reaction to five-star quarterback Tate Martell’s decommitment was even more perplexing than it originally seemed.

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