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Brittany Wagner, the rising star of Netflix's 'Last Chance U,' discusses how she earns the players' trust and what the show reveals about the U.S. education system.

By Campus rush staff
August 25, 2016

Last Chance U, a six-part documentary on Netflix that goes behind the scenes with the East Mississippi Community College football program, has been a critical success for its emotional depiction of life and football at a junior college. The breakout star of the series, academic advisor Brittany Wagner, joins the Campus Rush Podcast to discuss her unexpected rise to fame, how she earns the trust of the players and what the series reveals about the education system in the United States.

Hosts Andy Staples and Lindsay Schnell also discuss their takeaways from the series as well as why Texas A&M could be a sleeper in the SEC this season—as long as one particular player is up to the task.

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