The officials from the controversial Oklahoma State-Central Michigan game have been suspended. 

By SI Wire
September 11, 2016

The on-field officials and replay crew who bungled the finish of Saturday’s Oklahoma State-Central Michigan game have each been suspended for two games. 

The replay officials were from the Big 12 and the officiating crew was from the MAC. Both conferences announced Sunday that they were suspending their officials involved in the game. 

The officials awarded CMU an untimed down after Oklahoma State committed intentional grounding on fourth down with no time left on the clock. The Chippewas took advantage of the extra play by scoring on a Hail Mary pass to win the game

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The head referee, MAC official Tim O’Dey, admitted after the game that his crew had erred in awarding the untimed down. Both conferences confirmed the error in a statement released after the game but said the result would not be altered. 

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