In the Week 8 podcast, Andy Staples and Lindsay Schnell discuss the current playoff picture, whether anybody can catch Lamar Jackson for the Heisman Trophy, and a loaded weekend slate.

By Campus rush staff
October 20, 2016

With Week 8 approaching, the playoff picture has cleared up a little and there are fewer Heisman candidates. With the Midseason Crystal Ball published, it's time to make predictions! Also, can a two-loss team make the playoff this season? Why does David Shaw command so much more respect than Mark Helfrich? And, if a grown man decides to wear a jersey to a game, what pants should he pair with the jersey so he doesn't look even worse?

Campus Rush's Lindsay Schnell and Andy Staples prep you for Week 8 with playoff predictions, Heisman hopefuls and a look at this week's upcoming matchups.

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