Art Briles has dropped a libel lawsuit against Baylor officials.

By SI Wire
February 01, 2017

Former Baylor head football coach Art Briles dropped a lawsuit against four officials at the university in which he accused them of falsely claiming that he knew of sex crimes that players had been reported to have committed and that he failed to pass along the information to the proper authorities, according to KWTX.

"All he wanted was his good name." Briles' attorney said. “I'm sorry we didn't get this resolved for all the Baylor people, so they could know the truth.”

“A man can only carry so much,” he added.

 Briles was fired from Baylor in May 2016 amid the sexual abuse scandal on campus. At the time, an outside investigation concluded that “specific failings within both the football program and athletics department leadership, including a failure to identify and respond to a pattern of sexual violence by a football player, to take action in response to reports of a sexual assault by multiple football players, and to take action in response to a report of dating violence.”

Detailing the newest Baylor sexual assault lawsuit

The lawsuit was filed by Briles in December and alleged that due to the allegations, Briles may never have another head coaching job.

This week, news surfaced 31 Baylor football players allegedly committed at least 52 “acts of rape” over four years during Briles' tenure as head coach.

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