After coming up short at the end of last season, what does Michigan need to fix to make the College Football Playoff in the 2017 season?

By Andy Staples
February 08, 2017

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What does Michigan need to do to make the College Football Playoff this season? Other than better quarterback play, what else do the Wolverines need to improve? What position group should be coach Jim Harbaugh's biggest point of emphasis this off-season?

What does Alabama want in its next offensive coordinator? How much change should we expect from the Lane Kiffin offense? If Nick Saban wants to control the clock more, why go after Chip Kelly, for example, and ask him to change his offense instead of hiring a coordinator who will run what Saban wants?

Why do Atlanta/Georgia teams always lose in excruciating fashion? Why must Georgia, the Falcons and the Braves always drop heartbreakers? Is the Falcons’ agonizing loss to the Patriots in the Super Bowl a stepping stone to triumph down the line?

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