South Carolina and Oregon are better known for their football programs yet both reached the Final Four this year. What will be the next football-first school to make a deep run in the NCAA tournament?

By Andy Staples
March 29, 2017

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What will be the next football powerhouse to make a surprise run to the Final Four in March Madness? Could another SEC school not named Kentucky or Florida follow South Carolina’s lead to reach the Final Four?

If college athletes were paid according to what the market says they’re worth, wouldn’t that create a Title IX issue? The market for men’s sports is worth more, so wouldn’t that force schools to fund men’s sports more than women’s sports? Is there a way to pay players that wouldn’t violate Title IX?

Will Johnny Manziel make a comeback? Can he convince NFL teams he’s worth another shot after his off-field issues? Can he convince NFL teams he can be productive on the field?

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