Joshua Gateley/Getty Images
August 10, 2017

What sticks out to me with Clemson is that the number of dynamic playmakers seems to recycle over time. The team will lose [quarterback] Deshaun Watson [first-round pick of the Texans], and whether it’s this year or next year, someone else almost as good will come up through. [Junior] Kelly Bryant may start this year, but the younger guys [four-star recruit Zerrick Cooper and five-star Hunter Johnson] will put the pressure on. They turn over receivers every year, and the next guy is every bit as good as the guy that they lost. [Junior] Deon Cain will be the next guy. When I watch them I don’t sit there and say, Boy they’ve got all the answers and everything covered. A lot of times the players cover it more than the scheme does.

These guys are well-coached and very good fundamentally within what they do. There’s a reason that they’ve hung [75 points] on Alabama the last two years. It’s that they have what we call multiples; they don’t have one guy that has 90 catches and everybody else is at 20 or something like that. It’s spread out.

Hunter Renfrow [5' 11", 180-pound junior receiver] is fast and tough and runs good routes. Dexter Lawrence [a 6' 5", 340-pound sophomore DT] is dominant. You can see his explosion and get-off. Up front, they don’t ask those [D-linemen] to do too much; they just go play.

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