Rainier Ehrhardt/AP
August 10, 2017

That guy [6' 3", 211-pound junior quarterback] Lamar Jackson is a stud. I like him better than I liked [Clemson’s] Deshaun Watson last year. Jackson has a stronger arm. He’s not as steady a guy as Watson was, but it’s not even close athletically. Watson could get 20 yards on a run; with Jackson, he’s gone. You can have him penned in, and he’ll make three guys miss, outrun your whole defense and pick up the first down. He needs to run well because their O-line is below average.

Their tight ends [junior Micky Crum and senior Charles Standberry] are good players, and their receivers [junior Jaylen Smith and sophomore Seth Dawkins] are adequate. They look the part but drop a lot of balls. [Coach Bobby] Petrino calls the plays and he’s good, but when adversity hits, he hurts that team. He’ll add to the problem because he’ll scream at the kids, and their heads will go down.

They were the best defense we faced last year. Very talented. Very aggressive. Sometimes overly aggressive. Last year we tried to throw a lot to the perimeter to get it out of our quarterback’s hands in a hurry. Their DBs are big-time athletes. That’s the one thing that jumps out at you with this defense. Jaire Alexander [a 5' 11", 192-pound junior cornerback] is a great cover guy with great feet. He’s the best corner we saw last year.

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