Tony Ding/AP
August 10, 2017

[Junior] Wilton Speight isn’t a great quarterback, but he’s solid. He’s efficient. He’s not a great runner, though he does have surprising escapability for someone who’s 6' 6", 243 pounds. He manages the game well. [Coach Jim] Harbaugh wants to beat you into the ground, and he’s got a big, physical team. All 22 guys, the backups, special teams—they look the way they’re supposed to look.

They’re so aggressive on defense, whether they’re playing man coverage or in their zone packages and third-down stuff. Don Brown is the most aggressive defensive coordinator I’ve seen in a long time. That system has worked for him for 25 years and he keeps tweaking. Now he’s got a lot of high-level talent and depth. You can get some chunk plays against them because of all the man coverage, but you’ve got to finish drives. They’re stingy in the red zone.

They’ve lost a lot of guys to the NFL, but many of these new starters have played and they’re talented. We loved [sophomore] defensive tackle Rashan Gary. To be that big [6' 5", 287 pounds] and move like he can is rare. He’s gonna be an All-America either this year or next. I like [6' 2", 282-pound senior defensive tackle] Mo Hurst. He’s a powerful dude with good feet. Mike McCray [a 6' 4" senior linebacker] is rangy and does a lot for them. He’s 245 and moves like he’s 220.

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