Joshua Gateley/Getty Images
August 10, 2017

They have the best O-line in our conference, and it’s not close. It’s big, physical and tough. They keep [senior quarterback] Baker Mayfield from being hit and allow the receivers to isolate defenders one-on-one. They can do so much with Mark Andrews [a 6' 5", 254-pound junior]. He can be an in-line tight end or flex out, and he’s a great red zone target. He’s good enough in routes that you can’t use a linebacker on him. Mayfield is emotional, but now he’s more levelheaded with his decisions. He throws the deep ball really well. His accuracy on midrange and intermediate throws has improved. He’s perfect for what they do. I give [former OC and new coach] Lincoln Riley credit. Lincoln’s different from the other Mike Leach guys, because he’ll run the ball so much. Their counter plays and how they block you is different.

[DC] Mike Stoops gets waaaay too emotional as a play-caller. His team gives up a big play, and you know he’s gonna come after you, and you can burn him again. They don’t have the same caliber of talent on the front seven. Their secondary, though, is really good. Jordan Thomas [a 6-foot, 185-pound senior corner] gets his hands on a lot of passes. He or [6' 1", 204-pound senior safety] Steven Parker is the best guy on that defense. Jordan Parker [a 5' 11", 188-pound sophomore], the other corner, made them better.

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