Brian Murphy/Icon Sportswire
August 10, 2017

Bryce Love [a 5' 10", 196-pound junior running back] has a lot of speed, but he never seems to be healthy. [Trent] Irwin is a good receiver. He’s got nice size [6' 2", 205] and is a great route runner. I don’t know why the coaches didn’t lean on him more. Last year their O-line wasn’t anywhere near as good as it’s been, but I expect them to get a lot better because they’ve been recruiting well up front. They struggled at quarterback. [Senior] Keller Chryst is a huge kid [6' 5", 234], but he struggles seeing coverages.

They’re fundamentally sound on defense and good tacklers. They do a lot and they do it well, which is uncommon. They’re big on movement up front and multiple and disciplined. Usually you can catch a guy out of his gap with teams that have that much movement, but not them. They’re impressive in how well they run to the ball. The guy who doesn’t get enough credit is [6' 3", 241-pound senior outside linebacker] Joey Alfieri. He’s savvy and anticipates well. He makes a lot of plays for them. Their secondary has no weaknesses. They’re more athletic on the back end than people give them credit for. Quenton Meeks [a 6' 2", 197-pound junior] is an excellent corner. I could see him as a first-round guy. Brandon Simmons, the free safety [who’s 6 feet, 199], is a really good player too.

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