Not the best look for punters from underdogs trying to beat top-five teams. 

By Chris Chavez
October 07, 2017

Northwestern and Vanderbilt didn't put on a special teams clinic during Saturday's early games, uncorking a pair of first-half punts that did not help their bids to knock off top-five conference foes at home.

First was a 15-yard punt by Commodores kicker Sam Loy that No. 5 Georgia quickly turned into a 45-yard touchdown drive.

Then came this botched punt by Hunter Niswander in the second quarter of Northwestern's game against Penn State. It's never good when the skycam looms over you as you jog to the sideline.

The shanked punt was spotted at Northwestern's 42-yard line, which made it a 13-yard punt.

Not the best day for punters.

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