Bowie State's Rob Chesson was running from one side to the other and back again on this touchdown.

By Charlotte Carroll
November 08, 2017

Bowie State senior Rob Chesson had one of, if not the best runs, this weekend, after scoring a 97-yard touchdown.

Bowie State was playing Elizabeth City State University at Roebuck Stadium when Chesson started zigging and zagging, before finally breaking loose.

Chesson had a Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association record breaking day with 304 yards on 20 carries in the team's 77–21 win. He also had 48 points (most points in a single game) and seven rushing touchdowns (tied single game record).

“Before I got in the game for that play, a lot of my teammates on the sideline were saying, ‘Rob’s about to take it to the crib,'” Chesson told The Washington Post. “I didn’t actually believe it until we lined up and snapped the ball. It was an amazing feeling. I felt real energized, like something I’ve never felt before. I had endless energy and I didn’t actually feel it until after the play. I was determined to score and I had an extra battery.”

Chesson also said he gets his move from Madden, playing the video game as a hobby.

It's definitely clear that too much Madden isn't a bad thing for him.

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