Rivalry weekend keeps on giving.

By Nihal Kolur
November 25, 2017

In case you didn't know already, it's rivalry week in college football. So most of these teams don't exactly like each other.

During Saturday's Lousville-Kentucky game in Lexington, Louisville's Heisman-winning quarterback Lamar Jackson got knocked out of bounds and immediately shoved Kentucky's Jordan Jones, sparking a pseudo-wrestling match right on the gridiron. What followed was a group of Kentucky players piling on top of Jackson and Louisville  players rushing to defend their quarterback.

Neither team suffered extreme consequences, with both sides suffering offsetting unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

The Cardinals scored a couple plays later to take a 14-0 lead.

This isn't the first time these two teams have fought.

In 2014, a Kentucky player stepped on Louisville's logo, leading to a scuffle that even got the coaches riled up.

Bless you, rivalry weekend.

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