Miami (OH) is set to rock some awesome lids for an even better cause.

By Kaelen Jones
October 10, 2018

It's always cool when college football teams release alternate uniforms. It's even better when they do it for a greater cause.

For several years, the NFL has recognized Breast Cancer Awareness Month and allowed players to incorporate pink into their attire. This season, the league has expanded its movement by launching its "Crucial Catch" campaign, allowing players to wear different colors to symbolize any form of cancer they choose.

At the college level, Miami is championing the effort in a neat way.

The RedHawks unveiled nine different helmets donning different-colored ribbons and will allow players to choose which helmet to wear according to which cancer form has most affected their life.

All 112 Miami players will get a chance to wear the helmets on Sunday, Oct. 13 against Kent State.

The nine options:

  • Black: Melanoma (4 players)
  • Blue: Colon Cancer, Esophageal Cancer (14 players)
  • Green: Liver Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Cervical Cancer (8 players)
  • Orange: Kidney Cancer, Leukemia (12 players)
  • Pink: Breast Cancer (32 players)
  • Purple: Leiomyosarcoma, Pancreatic Cancer, Testicular Cancer (14 players)
  • Red: Blood Cancers (8 players)
  • White: Lung Cancer (9 players)
  • Yellow: Bladder Cancer, Sarcoma/Bone Cancer (10 players)

According to the team's website, Miami is holding an auction for five helmets. It ends on Sunday at 5 p.m. ET.

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