By hollyandersonsi
September 15, 2011

*Only because I don't speak Star Trek:

There are some Clemson types none too pleased with the presence of Tribble “third-string quarterback who attempted all of 11 career passes” Reese overshadowing military appreciation day at Week 2′s home stand against Wofford. Tribble, it seems, has parlayed his time as a reasonably competent athlete at the collegiate level into a losing bid on CMT's Bachelorette knockoff, and subsequently wrangled his own show out of the experience -- one in which, paired with 20 ladies attempting to mate with him on camera and secure their own futures as motivational speakers at Curves gyms around the country, he cannot lose. Tribble and his dizzying array of floozies were featured at the head of Clemson's Tiger Walk, and earlier this week, offended parties spilled forth their displeasure with blistering elegance:

Since graduation, he has become, in the words of his Web site, “a television personality, model and bartender extraordinaire,” with a résumé that stems from appearances in “College Football – Self” to the skill of driving both stick shift and automatic transmissions. [...]  Clemson officials surely thought that the CMT cameras would capture the football program in a positive light, but I don’t think they considered the negative publicity this has spawned. Instead of having a decorated military veteran or wounded warrior lead Tiger Walk, they chose Reese and the cast of a second-rate reality show.

SICK COTILLION BURN. No, but seriously, "second-rate" is putting it kindly, and Tribble Reese’s presence in this capacity is gross and unnecessary. Would that he’d been photographed next to some visiting soldiers so all present could see just how silly he looks in comparison. (Recall that Clemson operated as a military school until the mid-20th century, and wonder whose desk this had to clear for it to even happen in the first place.) The outcry rose to such levels that an official apology was issued, which reads, in part:

The Clemson Athletic Department apologizes to anyone in the Clemson family who was offended by people connected with a CMT program who walked among our football coaches and players during Tiger Walk prior to the Wofford game.

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