By hollyandersonsi
September 29, 2011

Perhaps his household does not receive the Longhorn Network. "As a growing number of schools play musical chairs with conferences, NCAA President Mark Emmert says he is concerned about the perception that money is driving the decisions and declared 'this is not the NFL, the NBA, it's not a business.'" On the off chance you were still taking Mark Emmert seriously, now would be a great time to curb that misguided impulse.

May not be a business, but let's get them paid. Allowable increases in college athletic scholarship values may be closer than you think.

Chuck Neinas is adept at saying what he is being paid to say. The Big 12's interim commissioner thinks Mizzou is staying put. For the sake of wanting to write more about football and less about boardrooms, I hope he's somehow correct.

Catch a Tiger by the tail. Following grand jury deliberation in the case of the mysterious LSU barfight, Jordan Jefferson will be charged with simple battery and Josh Johns has been cleared.

Scooter crime fallout, cont'd. Charges of resisting arrest and perjury against FSU cornerback Greg Reid have been dropped. Will update the SISII accordingly.

Keep it up, papa Gopher. In news everybody can feel unironically swell about, Jerry Kill is back at practice and intends to coach Minnesota this weekend against Michigan.

Save the noggins. A second player-on-NCAA lawsuit has emerged concerning head injuries, this one seeking the establishment of a concussion monitoring system.

What if I told you ... A D-I ball coach had a designed play named "Bullet Snake"? Bruce Feldman's report from Dana Holgorsen's lair is fine reading.

A reminder that being able to name a player's handler during the recruiting process will not bode well for anybody. Is Bryce Brown still even on the team at Kansas State? The university's not saying.

Quote of the day. "What I learned today: Apparently the NCAA president doesn't know how many teams are in the FBS and thinks college football is not a business." -- Matt Hinton

Giveth, taketh.  UCLA may have to face Stanford down two defensive backs, which could be slightly problematic if that Andrew Luck guy suits up at quarterback.

Roster dance! In light of the above-mentioned reduced-charges news item, Jordan Jefferson and Josh Johns have been reinstated to the LSU football team.

Thursday whimsy: "lingering trust issues with Ohio State, Clemson and Texas. setting in strong showing in the beer sales still might not stop them gets reeemiiixed may be safe for work

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