By hollyandersonsi
November 04, 2011

Tulsa 24, UCF 17: In an alarming twist, all three Thursday night games came off about how we expected them to, with Tulsa and UCF providing the only competitive football of the evening. Central Florida suffered its first home loss of 2011 thanks to an early fourth-quarter touchdown and two-point conversion by G.J. Kinne that could not be answered. Kinne wrapped up the night with 295 all-purpose yards against the FBS' No. 3 defense. [RECAP | BOX]

Florida State 38, Boston College 7: Into postseason contention go the 'Noles, and down into pieces go the hopes of even a crummy mid-December bowl for the Eagles. Would-be BC savior Rolandan Finch was held to just 59 yards on 28 carries, and in a reversal of its usual offensive imbalance, four of FSU's five touchdowns came on the run. [RECAP | BOX]

Miami (Ohio) 35, Akron 3: In a fit of pregame hubris, I boasted on Twitter last night that I could knit more positive yardage than the Zips would gain in the span of a game. I did not manage to complete a 201-yard scarf before the final play of the fourth quarter. My sincere apologies to the Akron football community for underestimating the team's ability to gain ground. The Zips are still pretty bad at football, though. [RECAP | BOX]

Realignment tidbits, grudgingly dispensed: Facts are pointy! If you are absolutely determined to read about some games some teams might play next year instead of some games that absolutely will be played this weekend, you may peruse the news of Boise State's latest conference-hop here.

Quote of the day: "Wow, that stadium is all FSU fans. Due to evidence, Boston must be a bad sports town." -- Jason Kirk

Home for the ruptured: Bernard Pierce is out of the hospital. Kriss Proctor is a patient patient.

Roster blotter: Wee Curtis McNeal is finally The Guy now, yes, now that he's starting for the Trojans against Colorado? Charges will not be filed against Florida's Dominique Easley.

Friday Whimsy: trolling barrel roll mandatory reading can Oregon make Rich Brooks read this way

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