By hollyandersonsi
December 05, 2011

Potent quotables from the rampaging end to the regular season:

• "Is Ray Guy still in the running for the Brad Wing award?" -- Dean Jens

• "We should've known that Texas A&M would be the first school to fire its head coach via message board." -- @BobbyBigWheel

• "Happy 30th Birthday Britney!" -- Lane Kiffin

• "Craig James is an (expletive), and everybody in Texas knows it. His son's an (expletive), and you can quote me. I was at New Mexico State, and we turned (Adam) down. Nobody would give that guy a scholarship except Mike Leach. I promise you, most people in Texas know the true story." -- Hal Mumme, to the Seattle Times

• "College football would be significantly more enjoyable if the head coaches were required to dress up like the school's mascot during games." -- @DangerGuerrero

• "I prefer to think of him as "Ent Richardson" because he has tree trunks for legs." -- Jay Hendry

• "Heard so many 'Oh, no, he did NOT!'s on that Honey Badger punt return I thought I was in a beauty parlor." -- Bruce Feldman

• "Grammar pet peeve: Les Miles' name actually should be Fewer Miles." -- Andy Levy

• "LaMichael James has the vision of a spider. And by that, I mean I think he has eight eyes." -- Jonathan Gold

• "Gus Johnson is correctly treating every UCLA touchdown as the most improbable play in football history." -- Arash Markazi

• " Gus Johnson could make watching grass grow interesting. 'Look at that cytoplasm splitting! Ha ha! A-T-P!'" -- @helixcardinal

• "Pac-12 championship trophy weighs a good 59 pounds. Nearly one-third the weight of Oregon RB De'Anthony Thomas." -- Whitney Blaine

• "Kevin Prince will leave UCLA with not many wins or trophies, but he should get a purple heart." -- Ralph Russo

• "Dabo wouldn't call this a field goal attempt. More like a domination." -- Jason Kirk

• "Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce that I'm taking my Clemson talents to South Beach." -- Dabo Swinney


• "So pick already, we're waiting!" -- @outbackbowl

"We can't do it while you're watching us. It just feels weird." -- @CapitalOneBowl

• "Pretty sure 'hunger' is the only thing that wins if UCLA and Illinois end up in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. " -- Ian Cohen

• "Spurrier headed to the former Citrus, which you can't spell without the U-S-C." -- Owen Good

• "Ultra-classy interview by Mike Gundy. Most coaches would be breaking something tasteful." -- @ColFootballNews

• "If you have a definite preference between Alabama and Oklahoma State, you're wrong." -- Matt Hinton

• "Doesn't make a lot of sense to illustrate that the BCS works by citing a graphic simply listing the components of the BCS, does it?" -- Paul Myerberg

• "Sources tell me it's official: LSU-Alabama, the sequel." -- @jppalm

"Still holding out for LSU vs. LSU." -- Spencer Hall

• "Was just told by someone who should know that it's Ala & LSU in the Title game!!" -- Danny Sheridan

"50-50 chance. Also, Auburn's bagman?" -- George Schroeder

• "Hey FYI EveryGameCounts, to change your name: Settings ----> Account ----> User Name." -- Preston Wages

• "Bottom line: The Big 12 and the SEC need to find more opportunities to play each other. Best offenses vs. best defenses need to get it on." -- David Ubben

• "For all complaining about bowl selections: bowl directors don't care about regular season. They care about country club dues." -- Dan Wetzel

• "It's so odd to see someone getting screwed out of a BCS bowl invite and Notre Dame having nothing to do with it." -- John Walters

• "Trying to argue expected voter behavior and complicated algorithmic permutations? Good news, I have a PhD in each!' - twitter." -- Luke Zimmermann

• "In 2008, who blocked a 4-team playoff? The Big 12, Big Ten and Big East. Who proposed it? The SEC. Slive tried to save you from this." -- Andy Staples

• "Once the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl kicks off everyone will settle down." -- Jozef Colomy


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