By hollyandersonsi
December 20, 2011

The 2011 Poinsettia Bowl is just a day away. We're sure you have so many questions. We're here to help. (For my Xs and Os preview, click here.)

So this is the one with the really long name, right? The proper name of Wednesday's contest is the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl, which is actually rather elegant compared to some other bowl games we could name.

Where will this game be played? Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego.

Hold up. Where, now? Right, right. Qualcomm Stadium, home of the Chargers, has renamed the arena for the rest of the month. It'll be Snapdragon Stadium for the Poinsettia and Holiday Bowls, and everyone involved wants to make very sure that the general public understands that they mean Snapdragon the Qualcomm processor, not the flower native to California.

Even though this is the Poinsettia Bowl. That's a lot of flowers to keep track of! Right.

Speaking of the stadium, is it currently under water? Not this year, so far!

When is it on television? Kickoff is scheduled for 8:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, December 21. The game will be televised on ESPN.

Whom does it feature? The Mountain West is a constant; opponents rotate between service academies and the WAC.

What about this year? Got some non-AQ high rollers up in the SDCCUPB (bowl nickname we just made up)! Conference winners TCU and Louisiana Tech will make the trek to Southern California.

Who sponsors it? The San Diego County Credit Union is "San Diego's largest locally owned financial institution."

Who will call the game? Got a real mixed bag for Wednesday. The comedy stylings of Lou Holtz and Mark May will be inflicted on a no-doubt unwilling audience, but tethering them to earth will be Joe "Typhoid Tess" Tessitore, harbinger of some of this season's wackiest upset. Has Louisiana Tech got a legit shot after all? Let's find out!

Enough about the football. What about the loot? The best gift a college student could ask for: Money to buy video games, in the form of a Best Buy gift card. And in case you missed it this morning, a reminder that two Bulldog stars think the greatest gift is the gift that gets passed on. Awww!

What wacky activities/mild indignities will bowl participants be subjected to over the course of the week? Gotta say, the Poinsettia Bowl provides one of the most attractive game week experiences. Both teams got to visit the San Diego Zoo and Sea World this week. Programming note: Consider this a call for previously unpublished photographs of players from either team getting splashed by Shamu or petting a leopard. Also, late Tuesday evening TCU will hold graduation ceremonies at the team hotel for 10 players obtaining their degrees this December.

Please impart any miscellaneous knowledge you might have concerning the 2011 Poinsettia Bowl. I check on this every year just to make sure, but as of this writing, the Poinsettia Bowl is still the only college football postseason contest named for a toxic houseplant. Please keep all pets away from the television screen during the game, as a precautionary measure.

Stay tuned for more postseason FAQ sheets, and stay on top of a hectic postseason slate with our complete 2011-2012 College Football Bowl Schedule

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