By hollyandersonsi
December 23, 2011

Just a quick flurry of news reading before I board yet another plane:

Fresh coaches, bought  and sold! Of ALL THE DAYS to be traveling during business hours! To miss this Terry-Bowden-to-Akron bombshell! That brimstoney scent on the wind is the aroma of a thousand blog sniping engines spinning up to life, for where there is a Bowden in a head-coaching gig, administrative mayhem and general hilarity are sure to eventually follow. Bowden leaves behind an island of misfit toys in Florence, Ala., only to join up with an abominable snowman: His new AD, you'll recall, fired previous coach Rob Ianello over the phone while Ianello was driving to his mother's funeral. Elsewhere on the carousel: Wisconsin's Paul Chryst to Pitt, and Houston's Tony Levine to Houston! Huzzah!

Keep your thoughts with College Station: The worst sort of news out of Texas A&M: Senior offensive lineman Joseph Villavisencio died in a car crash Thursday, on his way home for winter break. He was 22 years old. Our sincere best wishes and condolences to his family and the A&M football community.

Roster blotter: Matt Barkley, noted Christmas tree impersonator and fine football player, will give it one more round with the Trojans. Just remember where you heard Matt Leinart's opinion first. Charlie Weis re-ups on quarterbacks. Four Bruins are out for the bowl game, as is FSU's Jermaine Thomas. And Virginia Tech kicker Cody Journell is in a world of trouble, arrested for felony breaking and entering.

Friday whimsy: AP Player of the Year Damion Square Doug Martin Jim Mora actually said Should've sprung Just as long Pop quiz! Casey Pachall's hair

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