By hollyandersonsi
January 02, 2012

The 2012 Gator Bowl is just hours away. We're sure you have so many questions. We're here to help. (For an Xs and Os breakdown, check out Cory McCartney's game preview.)

What's all this, then? The Gator Bowl prides itself on being the "Sixth oldest college bowl game and the first ever to be televised nationally coast-to-coast."

Does it also pride itself on having the goofiest title sponsor of the 2011-2012 postseason? is a mouthful, to be sure, but for our money, that dubious honor still goes to Beef 'O' Brady's.

Where will this game be played? EverBank Field, known better to the casual viewer as Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, home to the NFL's Jaguars and the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party rivalry game.

Isn't Florida playing in this game? Things in Jacksonville have not gone so well for them this year, haha! Well, yes, but Florida is playing Ohio State, which had problems of its own the last time it ran across the Gators.

OMG HAVE YOU EVER REALIZED THEY'RE BOTH EITHER FORMERLY COACHED BY OR ABOUT TO BE COACHED BY--Yes. We're not going to go into that here. You're going to hear enough about it in pregame, in-game and postgame coverage to satisfy all your Urbz factoid needs, believe us. And then some. And then some more.

When is it on television? Kickoff is scheduled for 1 p.m. ET on Monday, January 2. The game will be televised on ESPN2.

I am a Gator or Buckeye fan and I have some very strong opinions regarding this game's relegation to ESPN2! They show bowling on that channel, consarnit! Are the shades of Gainesville/Columbus to be thus polluted?? Right this way.

Who will call the game? Mike Patrick. (Now you can get mad.) Ed Cunningham steps in for Craig James, and Jeannine Edwards is on sideline duty.

Enough about the football. What about the loot? Really, what college kid doesn't pine for "Gator Gear performance headwear"?

Hi. Ohio State fan here again. The bowl swag and the very name of the bowl itself are obviously biased against THE Ohio State University. The Gators are also favored by a field goal. Be sure to mention that when you write your Congressperson. But never forget: target="_blank">This is the game Woody Hayes punched Charlie Bauman in. Keep Luke Fickell from arm-barring Matt Elam or whomever, and you're already ahead, kinda.

Stay tuned for more postseason FAQ sheets, and stay on top of a hectic postseason slate with our complete 2011-2012 College Football Bowl Schedule

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