By hollyandersonsi
January 05, 2012

The 2012 Cotton Bowl is just hours away. We're sure you have so many questions. We're here to help. (For an Xs and Os breakdown, check out George Schroeder's game preview.)

What's all this, then? Must-watch television, the 2012 Cotton Bowl Classic. Stock up on football now, and skip the BBVA Compass Bowl Saturday! The savings really add up!

Where will this game be played? The Jerrydome, properly known as Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The former home of the Big 12 Championship game hosted several regular-season games in 2011, including the LSU-Oregon season kickoff tilt.

Not in the Cotton Bowl stadium? Not in the Cotton Bowl stadium. But it still gets to be called the Cotton Bowl? It would appear so, yes.

When is it on television? Kickoff is scheduled for 8 p.m. ET on Friday, January 6. The game will be televised on FOX.

Aw, gross. Hey, some people (probably, somewhere) like gratuitous shots of the marching band in lieu of covering the action on the field!

Whom does it feature? Traditionally, the Big 12 and SEC.

What about this year? An intriguing pair of 10-2 teams in Kansas State and Arkansas.

Who will call the game? Gus Johnson! Charles Davis and Daryl Johnston! And Tim Brewster, so brace for impact of his words against true facts.

Is it possible Tim Brewster will have figured out which conference either of these teams is in by the time pregame coverage starts? We're not liking his chances, given how adept he was at that in a contest called "The Big Ten Championship Game."

Who sponsors the game? Currently, AT&T.

Do they donate scholarship money to the participating teams for every dropped pass? I see what you did there!

Enough about the football. What about the loot? This is one of those weird games where the organizers won't release player gift specs, so we can safely assume each student-athlete is going home with a plush oil derrick.

Stay tuned for more postseason FAQ sheets, and stay on top of a hectic postseason slate with our complete 2011-2012 College Football Bowl Schedule

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