By hollyandersonsi
January 24, 2012

Well, looky here: The Big East's seemingly random search for expansion teams yields a geographically reasonable member in Navy! We know this, because the Naval Academy has released a statement to that effect. It's a very clever document, with the most important nugget of information for you, the fans, tucked in at the very end. We will skip to it for you:

The Naval Academy will continue to annually compete against Army and Air Force for the Commander-In-Chief's Trophy and its rivalry with Notre Dame will continue as the longest, continuous intersectional matchup in FBS football.

The conference exit fee also jumps from $5 million to $10 million with this move, so good luck wriggling out of this motley shepherd's pie, assorted unrelated football programs! For those of you scoring at home, this will mark the sixth team shoehorned into the husk of the Big East since the start of The Great Realignment Squaredance, seven if you count TCU's brief dalliance before the Horned Frogs broke off the engagement in favor of the Big 12. Can you name the other five teams whose football teams will (theoretically) join Big East football's reindeer games between now and 2015, and match the other conference-hopping squads to their current destinations? Answer key after the jump:

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