By hollyandersonsi
February 02, 2012

"When you’re the first person in your family to graduate from high school, you don’t need to be sitting out." Justin Taylor and family spoke to the AJC about Taylor's decision to spurn Alabama's offer of a grayshirt year and sign with Kentucky instead. The three-star running back and Atlanta native will look to infuse some life into a rushing offense that averaged just 124 yards per game in 2011.

The SEC East resurgence comes not from the south, but from the sides. Andy Staples was on the scene in Nashville as James Franklin reeled in the flossiest class in Vanderbilt program history.

"Urban Meyer can't stop yawning." An unfair excerpt from Stewart Mandel's visit with the Urbz and his mighty crop of blue-chippers.

They'll breed. You'll die. We legitimately fear the prowess of the linemen Stanford has landed.

Go west, and north. Steve Sarkisian lost some in-state gems, but pillaged California in return.

Jordan Payton settles! This counts as news at this point.

• So does Josh Harvey-Clemons! But not before making Athens sweat.

Multi-ball engaged. Auburn put its scholly money where its "all in mouth" is, as did a large swath of the Big Ten.

Quote of the day, I. “I believe Penn State hired a coach for the next 10 years, 15 years. I don’t think they hired a coach for the next three months.” -- Bill O'Brien, which, well, if you say so, big guy.

Quote of the day, II. "I used to have a saying about players like that and that was I'd rather play against him for four games than with him for four years." -- Brian Kelly on the loss of receiver Deontay Greenberry, who flipped to Houston.

Quote of the day, III. "Nick Saban mentions twice he 'resents' the 'cynical attitude coaches don't have the best interests of the young men in mind.'"  -- Brett McMurphy with the shocking scoop that Saban is able to process human emotion

Thursday whimsy. naming babies after him Cal editorial Golden Bears "VIGOR WOLVES."

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