By hollyandersonsi
February 23, 2012

Just when it seems we're in for a quiet week of an already interminable offseason, up pops a cluster of frolicsome arrests and citations to help us forget, however momentarily, that it is February and these kinds of stories are all we have to divert us from our daily spins on the hamster wheel between now and September. Cast your vote below for the Allstate Police Blotter Item of the Week:*

Candidate 1: Malcolm Marable, CB, Oregon State.

The Incident: Clocked at 104 mph (in a 65-mph zone, as though speed limits really matter here) on the interstate.

The Case For: Was also driving without proof of insurance, just to be cheeky.

The Case Against: Already drawing inevitable comparisons to former Oregon rival Cliff Harris' infamous speeding arrest. And Harris was going faster.

Bonus Trivia: Both Harris and Marable were driving Altimas at the time of their law enforcement run-ins. Shrieking pundit class ready to suggest the abolition of college football every time a high-profile student-athlete is arrested or seriously injured, now's your chance to get on the anti-Nissan bandwagon, and warn a grateful nation against these cars that are clearly designed to seduce our youths into unsafe driving habits.

Candidate 2: James Wilder Jr., RB, Florida State.

The Incident: Wilder allegedly shoved a deputy in the process of arresting his girlfriend for failure to appear in court.

The Case For: Awww, chivalry! Not dead, not even in Tallahassee!

The Case Against: Even as longtime Fulmer Cup staff, we must maintain that assaulting lawmen is never a good life choice.

Candidate 3: Preston Tillman Bailey III, OL, Middle Tennessee State.

The Incident: Went down late last week, but is only just now being reported. We're just going to let the news report speak for itself here: An MTSU football player on “medical scholarship” who told police he used the money to start up a drug dealing business was arrested late last week, according to police."

The Case For: How entrepreneurial! Bailey is a "Liberal Studies" major, but is obviously considering a career as a small business owner.

The Case Against: Was keeping his stash in a dirty clothes hamper. That's just unsanitary.

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*Not at all sponsored by Allstate in any way. Please don't come after us, President Palmer. We love the Sugar Bowl.

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