By hollyandersonsi
February 29, 2012

Alabama intends to put multiyear scholarships on the table, which is super fun for us because it means we get to hear about Nick Saban's feelings:

"We're going to offer four-year scholarships," Saban said. "Our whole conference is going to do it, all the schools, I think.

"And we're happy to do it."

We will, of course, take any excuse to repost our all-time favorite Saban anecdote, from the 2008 Georgia-'Bama game, but this is a particularly opportune moment:

There even were conflicting reports that he smiled in the victorious locker room.

“Yes, he smiled and told us he loved us,” Reamer said.

“No,” said cornerback Javier Arenas.

“Maybe,” laughed quarterback John Parker Wilson.

“I’m excited,” said Saban, looking not the least bit excited.

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