By hollyandersonsi
March 02, 2012

Freshly-hatched Colorado State head ball coach Jim McElwain is afraid the Rams might have misplaced some wee linemen between couch cushions in and around Fort Collins football facilities. Hoping to plug holes in the lines for spring practices, McElwain is on the prowl for somebody -- anybody -- to step up from the student body.

Seriously, they don't even necessarily have to be live bodies, or human, from the sound of it. So if you're hoarding a pet bison on campus in anticipation of an eventual retaliatory prank against Colorado, step right up.

This from The Associated Press was priceless: "Specific height? Doesn't matter. Particular weight? He's not picky. The only requirement McElwain has is tenacity. Oh, and a valid student ID."

Any students with earned credit hours in grittiness, gutsiness, or guttiness are also invited to attend, and soupçons of sticktoitiveness will be recorded in your favor.

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