By hollyandersonsi
March 16, 2012

Some light reading from the past week to speed you through your Friday:

May we all live our lives with enough gusto and excitement so that this may someday be truly said of us. "Attorneys produced a paper trail from (AD Mike) Holder's emails with him writing once that if [a plan to raise $350 million by purchasing life insurance policies on about two dozen boosters]  wasn't done soon as (booster T. Boone) Pickens wanted, 'I will be in a cave with Bin Laden.'" Chill fundraiser idea, Oklahoma State.

Matt Barkley's Twitter has unknowable powers. Buried in this excellent read is a snippet that sort of makes us love Matt Barkley, who gets the internet better than maybe any other college athlete we've seen:

Exactly 116 people "Liked" the keyboard photo.

Barkley: "It was a great photo. One half was in focus. The other half was blurred."

Holmes: "I knew immediately he just did that to see how many friggin' 'Likes' he could get. This guy."

Barkley: "It was a great picture."

You'll always remember this week as your first warning that Larry Scott's Skynet has gained sentience. "Leaders of the Pac-12 Conference agreed in principle Saturday to try to end college football's Bowl Championship Series, proposing its replacement with a playoff system that would allow only conference winners to play for college football's national title." It's progress of a sort, but Stewart Mandel warns against the conference champ rule.

Remains large and killy. Barrett Jones is moving from left tackle to center for the Crimson Tide. Andy Staples and ourselves will continue to relentlessly campaign for his inclusion among Heisman finalists.

Mike Leach's eyebrow game is strong. Wazzu has a trailer out for their spring game.

#YoDawg Stats. Bill Connelly adjusts the Adjusted Turnover Margin.

This week in important science. Just how loud could you build a stadium?

Your weekly catlab. Holgo hair in spaaaaace!

That'll do it for us. Everybody have a great weekend, and to all our brothers and sisters in PR, make sure you keep sending us those pitches about your kooky bracketology. You can tell from the banner at the top of this page that we totally love basketball, and while we have never covered it as long as this blog has existed, for you we will surely make an exception. 

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