April 06, 2012

Light assorted reading to speed you through your Friday:

The Fighting Okra is NOT a medical professional. Look, as long as Delta State keeps making these videos, we'll keep posting them, because SINISTER PLUSH OKRA:

Really preferred their analog days. So warm. Man, I remember when college chess was pure, y'know? When it was about the game and not the glory. When the reward was the journey:

Fresh off her second straight national championship, the legendary chess coach at Texas Tech is jumping to another school and taking all the top members of the team with her. ... [Susan Polgar] is taking her champions to private Webster University in suburban St. Louis, a city that is already home to the World Chess Hall of Fame and the U.S. national championships. It also has a swanky new chess club and scholastic center bankrolled by a billionaire, the kind of place where students can immerse themselves in chess arcana, learning moves like the King's Indian Defense and others with mysterious names steeped in the game's 1,500-year history.

[solemn headshake] It's a world gone mad, y'all.

• The "M" stands for "Myst." If you can tolerate approximately nine minutes' worth of Applebees' and Velveeta ads to get to it, this ULM promo animation is more than worth your time. Birds versus planes! [Via.] • Misc. Tommy Tuberville responds with bracing honesty when asked whether his team is ready to compete for a championship. We will not be purchasing NCAA '13 because Big Red gives us night terrors. Here is a mask of Stephen Garcia's face to wear to all your fancy NFL draft parties. Mike Leach has his very own Boy Who Lived. Virginia Tech takes an early lead for meme-est team. Photographic evidence that Memphis intends to field a football team. And this is your moment, Arkansas fans. Don't waste it.

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