By hollyandersonsi
April 11, 2012

Wrapping up what few threads can be wrapped up concerning the recent unpleasant circumstances in Fayetteville.

Let's all just try to get through this without an Anchorman joke. The Bobby Petrino era has been sunsetted by AD Jeff Long, who's drawing rave reviews for his decisive handling of an impossible situation. Petrino's prepared statement is here, and if you're wondering when the proper time would be "to debate Jeff's view of what happened," well, so are we all. Petrino's name and likeness have already been scrubbed from the athletic department web site (curious sidebar: guess who hasn't).

• Field guide to those deserving your sympathy. Arkansas players reeling at the news. Petrino's family. And Jessica Dorrell's fiance, who's apparently on the job hunt.

• What's next?  Lawsuits, maybe, from the 158 applicants who didn't get Jessica Dorrell's job. A land race for Razorback recruits. But in the first piece of good news to break Arkansas' way this week, Tyler Wilson reportedly intends to stay in Fayetteville.

• Who's next? Mandel addresses this at length, if you want to read some serious words. Will the Hawgs write off 2012 and settle in with an interim coach? Or will they go blazing after a big hire to take advantage of their seasoned offensive personnel while they still can? Saying they'll have to move fast is so blisteringly obvious that it's even beneath the talking heads who gravely intoned last night that this could adversely affect recruiting. Favorite son John Daly breaks the seal on the regularly-scheduled Gruden rumormongering, but if you want our opinion (AND WE KNOW YOU DO), there's only one man for the job.

And now, the jokes target="_blank">Taiwanese animation treatment by LSUFreek in The Onion

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