By hollyandersonsi
April 17, 2012

We take longstanding college football rivalries as seriously as any media outlet in the nation around here, which is to say they are revered with a solemnity ancient cultures might have reserved for fertility rituals. Open season on one's most be-loathed opponents never ends. Everything is fair game. Until it isn't:

That'll do it. Alabama football is currently impervious to comedic jabs of all types. There is honestly nothing not to like here. Trent Richardson is an excellent human being in addition to a beastly football player, and we can even do a little smug hipster preening at remembering how we always did like him a little better than Mark Ingram. The strain will be difficult, but some day in the distant future, a new outlet for japing will present itself, and until then, we'll just have to --

The AFCA Coaches Trophy met its early demise following Saturday's A-Day Game at a team function. Only shards of Waterford Crystal remained by Monday evening. Valued at $30,000, the now-iconic award was first presented in 1986.

A university spokesperson says the father of a current player accidentally toppled the trophy when he stumbled on a rug that was under the trophy display. The Tuscaloosa News reports that officials aren't releasing the name of the man.

AND WE'RE BACK. pieces of the cross

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