By hollyandersonsi
April 20, 2012

Assorted light reading from the week that was to speed you through your Friday:

We're back in our homeplace for the weekend to take in Tennessee's spring game, which means we have a perfect excuse to trot out this gem again. It is supposed to rain, so drag along your inflatable Davy Crocketts, y'all.

Elsewhere in today being a really, really memorable day for college-themed music happenings: A target="_blank">decades-old NC State video that defies all description and a Texas A&M rap video. Going by the title, it seems very important that you know this is the OFFICIAL music video, as opposed to all those bootleg amateur college team-themed tributes floating around the youtubes.

Big E, boomin' atcha. Eric LeGrand, on his way to walking and to putting his broadcasting studies to good use.

Like the first robin of spring. Pre-Snap Read's essential annual preseason countdown begins with New Mexico. Click through to see a pair of disembodied hands dressing Bob Davie!

Mike Leach wants his guys to go method. If visiting teams end up having to hang their food out of reach of the Cougars, you'll remember why.

A challenger emerges! Late entry for Allstate Police Blotter Item of the Week, in no way sponsored by Allstate, comes to us from Central Michigan: "White and Sawicki are charged with possessing hallucinogenic mushrooms and operating a drug house in their dorm room. Harris is charged with stealing a phone from a car."

Photo editor of the week. Arkansas' KFSM, we salute you.

Headline of the week. "The Cy-Hawk Trophy: A Study In Persistent God-Awful Design."

Necessary literary detour of the week. Intrepid reader @TwoYdsandaCloud betters William Carlos Williams:

He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're a hologram. Coachella White House

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