By hollyandersonsi
April 26, 2012

Arizona State has released a new commercial for its football program. We've heard some grousing that the ad is not as captivating as it could have been, but this is actually quite a canny move on the part of the ASU administration. Because Arizona State is playing host to the Todd Graham Show this season, which means the tent could fold up and move on at any moment.

And if you watch the video carefully, you'll note that Graham is only shown in situations where he could be easily replaced in future ads through the magic of digital image manipulation, at little cost to the program. Observe!


00:07: "Greetings, Sun Devils. I'm Todd Graham. I'm your football coach right now."


"I've always been a fierce competitor." -- Future Hypothetical Arizona State Head Coach Bobby Petrino


00:13: Graham's isolation here makes it easy to replace him with Future Hypothetical Arizona State Head Coach Karl Dorrell, who has some unfinished Pac-12 Championship business to take care of.


00:15: Who's that purposefully-striding man? It could be anybody! Including Future Hypothetical Arizona State Head Coach Hal Mumme!


00:18: Only the head need be replaced in these tight closeups, and who better to point a jaunty fist at the camera than noted pointer and Future Hypothetical Arizona State Head Coach Ron Zook!


00:19: Dressing Graham for outdoor shots in non-confining clothes makes his figure difficult to discern, and the insertion of Future Hypothetical Arizona State Head Coach Mark Mangino a breeze!


00:25: From the back, Todd Graham could easily be mistaken for Future Hypothetical Arizona State Head Coach Jackie Sherrill! They both like hats! You never know!


00:31: For real, Arizona State, if you're going to make a short-term hire, at least make it a guy like Ron Prince, who'll captivate a nation with his buyout antics on his way out the door.


00:36: Sunny rays flatter any complexion, including those of Future Hypothetical Arizona State Head Coach Barry Switzer!


00:39: And speaking of short-timers, this "never show all of the head coach's face in moving shots" money-saving gambit can also be employed when you, yourself, are not sure how long your new hire will remain your hire at all. Terps, take heed!


00:41: Sitting can disguise height disparities, as seen here in this totally prophetic portrait of Future Hypothetical But Definitely Going To Happen Arizona State Head Coach Nick Saban.


00:53: One final use for those from-behind views: Disguising a hire your fanbase and boosters might find unappetizing. Is that Future Hypothetical Arizona State Head Coach Gary Barnett over there? Who knows!


1:06: These templates can be used again and again, or until the school re-rebrands its logo. Isn't that right, Future Hypothetical Arizona State Head-Coach-In-Waiting Mike Locksley?


And when the circle closes and Todd Graham finds himself taking the Arizona State job a second time in, say, 2022?


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