By hollyandersonsi
April 27, 2012

A lovingly curated selection of our favorite stories from the past week to speed you through your Friday:

A message from the Catlab Foundation For A Better Life.

Playoff advocates kissing nurses in the street! V-BCS Day is upon us, yet somehow the hysterically misnamed EVERY GAME COUNTS Facebook page remains standing.

We want to party with Wazzu's Bill Moos, who has some thoughts about hiring a head coach:

Moos says candidly that some hires left him scratching his head.

"There's the Charlie Weis deal," he says of Kansas' hire. "He failed miserably at Notre Dame, but, 'By God, he was at Notre Dame.' Down at Ole Miss, they have to have 15 people on a search committee (actually it was five). By the time they get through the introductions on the search committee, all the good coaches are hired. I don't need 15 people sitting at the table. Where are the other 14 when I get evaluated on (the performance of) my football coach?"

If the Ragin' Cajuns don't win this we will be profoundly disappointed. Get your school in a GameDay ad!

Happy Birthday, Dan Mullen. This is the happiest we've ever seen a human being look while being draped in Eagles gear.

"What if Derek Dooley cussed a lot?" Knoxville's Swain and Rucker Show explores.

We're going to need to drag the SISII back out, thanks to Texas Tech safety Austin Stewart's victorious encounter with a moving bus.

He belongs to the ages now. And the Redskins. Sorry about that. One last sock sendoff for RGIII.

That's actually not the best photo of the week. But this is!

Tweet of the week, presented without comment:

And now for something completely different. Big 12 logo in ice sculpture form a portrait of Bear Bryant in lasers

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