By hollyandersonsi
May 11, 2012

To speed you through your Friday, light reading from the week that was:

We want nothing more in life than for this video to be a true documentary filmed in real time. But if not, we will settle for a followup showing them make Riley Nelson apologize to all these inconvenienced worker bees. [Via.]

Jenga! Louisville may not be long for the Big East, while Boise State may yet follow in the steps of fellow BCS-buster TCU and just never turn up in the Big East at all, leaving precious few chunks of fruit cocktail suspended in this gelatinous potluck offering of a league. RELATED AND NECESSARY: 2013 WAC schedule, leaked!

The best obviously fake name in football since the days of Ron Mexico. Let this Andy Staples column serve as your reminder, should you be unfamiliar with Northern Illinois' coaching alums, that Wisconsin now employs a coordinator named "Matt Canada."

Skip Holtz had a Google+ hangout. No, that's all.

Pat Fitzgerald is no Charlie Weis on the mic. No, that's a good thing. [Gross autoplay video alert.]

You've got Buzz Bissinger? We've got GRAPHS, pal. Ban everything that isn't college football. It's math!

“Has Craig James ever bred a pegasus for the sole purpose of using it as quarry in a hunt?” Finally, a political interview that dares to ask the tough questions.

David Shaw shares your opinion of the Coaches' Poll. "I don't want to be a voter again because I think it's impossible."

Now they're just showing off. The FCS will expand to a 24-team playoff in 2013.

Kindly note the fist-pumping count. An elegant Weeden-Blackmon infographic.

There are no words for how badly we want this to happen. New Mexico State, wreckin' shop in 2012!

And now, Barry Switzer in repose. majestic splay

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