By hollyandersonsi
May 18, 2012

Former Cal QB Joe Ayoob's paper airplane-throwing world record is under controversy. Maybe the story will be the next big hit in the box office? (AP)

We know all you readers, like us, lie awake nights wondering how the story of former Cal QB Joe Ayoob’s world-record paper airplane winging could successfully transition to feature film. It’s just too pat, we agree, to end in a poorly-lit airplane hangar in front of a crowd smaller than the ones cheering him on in Berkeley. No, what this tale really needs for a dynamic third act is some juicy courtroom drama populated with characters one might encounter in a Christopher Guest ensemble.

The Wall Street Journal is here to oblige us, with a report on the "controversy" surrounding Ayoob's record:

"Competitive paper airplane flying had always been, in my mind, what can one person do with one piece of paper," says Mr. Kreiger, a 23-year-old engineer. Using a ringer, he says, is problematic: "I don't really think that's the spirit of the competition." [...] A Guinness spokeswoman says there was no internal debate about giving Mr. Collins credit. But some paper-plane purists are still aflutter.


Paper-plane enthusiasts have traditionally seen theirs as an individual sport. The question now: Is Mr. Collins's ringer a bad precedent, or has he ushered in a new era in which designers can focus on better paper folds instead of muscle tone?

Desperado Joe, the Faux-Throwin' Bro of Strawberry Canyon.

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