By hollyandersonsi
June 04, 2012

As longtime proponents of, we're proud to see the long-surviving, much-maligned airbrushed T-shirt industry really gain a proper foothold in major college football. Lookin' good, UConn! (Less thrilled, for the record: Actual UConn fans.)

We can really only see three problems with this shirt as it's been presented to us: First, that some unimaginative artist neglected to take full advantage of some of the the artistic game-changers the T-shirt format allows. Is there a wolf tail peeking out the back of the shirt? If not, why not? (We had an iguana T-shirt that did this in junior high, and no real friends to speak of.) Second, the pictured wolf is quite beautiful, but looks almost friendly. That will never do. The popular breakthrough style would lend an air of menace to the Huskies' football student sections.

white wolf tank dress

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