By hollyandersonsi
July 02, 2012

Chris Petersen and Boise State can celebrate after the NCAA elected to reconsider the "excessive" scholarship reductions issued against the Broncos. (US PRESSWIRE)

Boise State is officially bound for the Big East, for real this time, but that almost flies under the radar compared to Friday's late-breaking bit of news. You know, the one announcing the NCAA will reconsider what we had taken to calling "the slumber party sanctions." While reduced practice penalties remain, the Broncos' scholarship reductions may be lessened. From the NCAA release (you can read the full text here): "In response, the Infractions Appeals Committee noted that the scholarship reduction penalty precedent from prior cases should have been more fully weighed and considered.  Due to this, the Infractions Appeals Committee sent the penalty back to the Committee on Infractions for reconsideration."

Bylaw blogger John Infante breaks down Boise's strategic response to the NCAA and outlines where the Broncos' case can go from here:

Boise State will probably be asked to submit a written response arguing for what they think the penalty should be and the Committee on Infractions will consider it. It is unlikely that the COI would come up with some reason why the nine scholarship reduction is actually legitimate. [...] More importantly, the Infractions Appeals Committee has pushed the Committee on Infractions to explain its decisions more completely.

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