By hollyandersonsi
July 03, 2012

UTSA will join the WAC in 2012 as a transitional FBS member before leaving for Conference USA. (Icon SMI)

You didn’t ask, but we answered:

 What’s all this, then? On July 1, a crop of the realignment changes we’ve been so resistant to took effect. Among the movers was UT San Antonio, which joins the WAC as a transitional FBS member along with Texas State.

• Hey, repopulating the WAC! That's a noble endeavor. Not so fast. The Roadrunners will be WAC members for precisely one year before hopping [<--- bird pun] to Conference USA in July 2013.

• That's mean! That's realignment. Who falls behind is left behind.

• Why have I never heard of UTSA having a football program? Up until a very short while ago, it did not. The team began putting players on scholarship in 2010 and played its first season in 2011.

• How'd it do? Not too bad for a hatchling team. The Roadrunners finished with a 4-6 record as an FCS independent against FCS competition, including a 27-30 double overtime loss to fellow transitioner South Alabama.

• What about next year? The climb in competition gets significantly steeper, although the Roadrunners won't play a full FBS member school until a trip to New Mexico State at the end of September.

• So what should I know about a program that didn't even exist a very short time ago? A couple things: The Roadrunners play home games in the Alamodome. Their mascot is a large plush bird named Rowdy. They're coached by Larry Coker.

• Hold up, THE Larry Coker? Talk about burying the lead! Sorry! Yes! Larry Coker is coaching football. This football.

• Does Rowdy have an especially poetic and mysterious origin story? Does he ever! Let's share it: "In 1977, UTSA had two contenders for a mascot, the armadillos and the stars. After a student vote was declared void by the Student Representative Assembly, another vote took place with two different contenders -- the armadillo and the roadrunner."

 Any other programs getting in on this netherworld action? This is Part 2 of a four-day FAQ on transitional FBS programs. Previously: UMass. Coming up later this week: Texas State and South Alabama.

Meep, meep!

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